Ronda Krier

Home Office

Genuine Spirit of Service should be Ronda's middle name. I believe that the will to jump in and help with any problem to provide a solution has been ingrained in her character for a long time. There is nothing she does that isn’t of complete service to fellow team members, our guests or our company. Ronda exemplifies Resilience with their beyond professional, yet always friendly, attitude whenever you work with them. She is a champion of MO (Maximize and Optimize), always forward-thinking, and brings recommendations on areas that can be enhanced. This can be as simple as streamlining a manual process and making it automated, which will save a TM time from doing it the "old", manual way, to building out a user interface that is more dynamic and results in a much-improved user experience. Most recently, Ronda completed the school of leadership, where she had the opportunity to meet many TMs from the field. From discussion and feedback from them, she realized she could help them improve some processes in the restaurant. She came up with an idea of a "Marketing promotions calendar" that would show up in each restaurant's outlook calendar. I don't think normally this would have fallen under her responsibilities, but she identified an inefficiency, figured out a way to help, built a prototype, coordinated with internal teams and we are now testing the calendar in Rick Matthews region! She is smart, strategic, kind and thoughtful. She leads by example, shows integrity every day and is always focused on improvement -- not to mention she is even a member of the IT Fun Committee (hello, Bottomless Fun!). Red Robin is a better company for having her work here.